Headquartered in Hopewell VA, Geo-Solutions  was founded in 2006 to provide the finest geotechnical, environmental, and soil consulting services in Central Virginia.   You'll quickly notice our team's commitment to your company and its goals. It's our way of ensuring old world values are employed  and objectives are met. Service, practicality,  and integrity are our benchmarks.

oil workers
oil workers
Phone: (804) 541-1436
Fax: (804) 541-1437
Brent E. Johnson, P.E., P.G., AOSE
Engineer, Geologist, President
P: (804) 586-2772
E: bjohnson@geo-solutions.org
Khalid Hsain, M.S.
Geotechnical Engineer, Vice President
P: (804) 586-6920
E: khsain@geo-solutions.org
Shannon D. Hill, P.E., CPSS, AOSE
Project Manager
P: (804) 898-0465
E: shill@geo-solutions.org
Rainer Haggerty
Environmental Scientist
P: (804) 896-1267
E: rhaggerty@geo-solutions.org
M. Chad Hancock
Geotechnical Technician
P: (804) 586-6361
Jeremy Butcher
Engineering Geologist
P: (804) 481-2544
E: jbutcher@geo-solutions.org
Amanda Stec 
Administrative Assistant 

Thomas Harbison
Geotechnical Technician
P: (804) 551-0644
Conner Liversay 
Geotechnical Technician 
P: (804) 894-2534
Mike Montrose
Geotechnical Technician
Ryan Messer
Geotechnical Technician
Jonathan Steinbauer
Geotechnical Technician